Dear Troy

We are so appreciative of all your efforts to find us the right home. Despite being in Ontario, and having to correspond by e-mail, phone, and fax, you were able to facilitate our purchase quickly and efficiently in a manner that we felt we knew the home quite thoroughly and were comfortable with its purchase without having to fly to Nanaimo.

Your prompt response to all emails was very much appreciated, as were your listings of all the contact numbers for utilities and services. I was able to arrange phone, cable, hydro, gas, etc. all in advance of coming to B.C.

Our daughter who toured the house with you and who waited with you for estimates on cleaning services, etc. speaks highly of your friendly interpersonal style. She felt quite relaxed and informed as well as she worked with you to find the right home for her parents.

Thank you as well for providing direction to us on all the next steps with the lawyer, access to the house, and usual expectations. We felt the process went smoothly and just love the house and its magnificent view. It is the house we wanted and know that it was your awareness of our needs and specific requirements that led to its purchase.

Our thanks,
Joan and Jim Frame