To anyone looking to sell their home:

I made the decision to sell my home because I wanted to travel. I wasn’t sick of my home or moving to a better home, in fact, I love my house and it has broken my heart to sell it. This is why it was really important to me to have someone who cared, sell my house. I met with several real estate agents and it wasn’t until I met Troy did I feel comfortable selling. Troy liked my house and so I felt he would take care of it and he did. I was a first time home seller and had a lot of questions all of which Troy patiently answered, some more than once! Troy was incredibly professional and really took the time to explain the process of selling. At no time did Troy unrealistically get my hopes up yet he remained positive in the merits of my home. As difficult and emotional this experience has been for me I owe the ease of this transition to Troy. Anyone trying to sell his or her home would be crazy to look elsewhere; Troy is patient, approachable and above all a nice man. This will be an experience in my life I will look back on and feel good about.

Alison Donaghey